Monday, October 26, 2009

EventDV Magazine Cover

It's been a busy fall for us. I love this time of year in Austin, the crisp air returns and makes for some amazing outdoor weddings. This past weekend we had a shoot at , the weather was perfect!

We have been shooting from coast to coast over the past two months. A beautiful ranch wedding in Santa Barbra and a sea breeze wedding in Key West. Trailers will be coming soon for these two gorgeous events!

I wanted to share a couple of cool things that have been happening in our world lately. I was blessed to find out that I along with a few other amazing filmmakers ended up on the cover of magazine this month. You can find the article about "Fusion" here - EventDV Article

I also just returned from a trip to San Francisco where I was part of a conference teaching about wedding filmmaking. It was called Re:Frame. I had an amazing time talking and learning from other industry pros. San Francisco is a great city with lots of inspiration for a visual artist, it gave me a chance to breath and shoot some really fantastic scenery. I will also be talking at the upcoming In[Focus] event in January here in Austin. It's going to be an great event, so if you missed Re:Frame and want to learn more about wedding filmmaking I suggest you sign up.

I will be posting a lot of new clips over the next month, so keep checking back for more beautiful weddings! Let me leave you with a new edit from my talk at Re:Frame, this is a collection of recent Time-lapses.


Shane Kerr said...

That closing shot is just amazing/gorgeous. Love it!
Can I ask what camera did you shoot these on and how did you achieve those - what must have been - super slow zooms and/or dollys?

Joe Simon said...

Most of this was done on the 5DMKII in photo mode. I shoot in Raw format and this allows me to zoom and pan in editing.

Chad Jarae said...

Awesome! I'm inspired!

Shane Kerr said...

Wow! Thanks for the info Joe. Didn't realise those were stills rather than video. Great work!

Anonymous said...

wow man! you are really master!
amazing works!I hope in future I'll be as good as you :D
Know I'am a photograph (little bit) :D
every movie is incredible ;D
take care man :D i'am waiting for more movies =D


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