Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Linda + Vu's Wedding Highlights - Hearst Castle

Wow Wow Wow! This wedding was so fabulous! Linda and Vu put so much time and thought into creating their perfect dream wedding. Michelle Groom from Mele Amore did an amazing job of pulling everything together to make this event to die for. There are very few weddings that happen at Hearst Castle and when Linda and Vu decided this is where they wanted to have their wedding they would not take no for an answer. They jumped through lots of hoops and finally Hearst said yes and the wedding was on!

There are so many amazing aspects about this wedding, from the beautiful Vera Wang dress and Louboutin shoes to the very touching personal vows they wrote for each other. Nothing was overlooked and this meant for an unforgettable event for the guests as well as the best day in Linda and Vu's life!

Grab some tissues, this one is going to take you on an emotional roller coaster!

Ingredients -
Wedding Planner - Mele Amore
Photographer - Table4Weddings